Smile Precure – One’s Family

It’s now Majolina’s turn to try and defeat a precure or disappear somewhere like Aka Oni and Wolfrun have, never to be seen… maybe. And her target, is Cure March! Unlike the previous episode, this one was actually pretty intense and exiting. Mostly because everyone can relate to Nao and her desperate attempt to save her loved ones.

Majolina didn’t directly went after Nao, no, she targeted her family. Her little brothers and sisters!

smile-precure_42 (9)

smile-precure_42 (8)

She was left to look after them after her mother and father left to the hospital for the arrival of a new family member. But Hina and Yuuta went missing, and while Nao was desperately trying to find them, Majolina captured them. Nao was hesitant in transforming in front of her siblings. But when they faced danger, she didn’t care anymore and stepped up to protect them. She did every thing she could, but it may have been to much for her. Worrying over her siblings and fighting Majolina may have been to much of a burden for her, even after she powered up… and was too late in saving Haru, Keita, and Kouta.

smile-precure_42 (2)

smile-precure_42 (3)

Wow. Those faces of despair and fear in failing to save her three siblings… was executed with excellence. That was a great scene.

But of course, we can’t have that in an anime for kids. Thankfully, the same pattern as the two previous episodes emerged and the rest of the precures came in the nick of time and saved the three from Majolina’s attack. And with their combined attack, Majolina was defeated, and her siblings saved.

smile-precure_42 (4)

smile-precure_42 (5)


I felt it. I felt for Nao. I too shed tears of joy! And it was even more emotional when Nao was crying and thanking her friends for saving her siblings. She wants to be the strong elder sister for all of them, but she couldn’t hold her tears and let them all out. They were all sleeping after the ordeal, so they didn’t get to see this side of their big sister. (Also, they thought her transforming and fighting was all a dream.)

And for the final emotional punch, they welcome the new member of the family.

smile-precure_42 (6)

smile-precure_42 (7)

smile-precure_42 (8)

I want Nao as my wife!


6 thoughts on “Smile Precure – One’s Family

  1. Hello, I am Jun from Japan.
    Nao’s epidodes are really great such as the episodes of Sports Day and being small. This Nao’s epidode is also great and I was full of tears thanks to Nao’s love for family.

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