Smile Precure – One’s Dream

Cure Peace is my favorite of the (smile) precures. She’s just too adorable and cute~! And seeing such an adorable thing fight a monster four or five times her size is pretty damn awesome. And it was very satisfying.

But because the previous episode set the bar, and pretty high might I add, on these solo fights, so in comparison, it wasn’t as great.

I just didn’t feel any sense of urgency in Aka Oni. Yeah, it may be his ‘last chance’ and he’s clearly afraid of what the Joker may do, but I didn’t sense as much desperation as with Wolfrun.

smile-precure_41 (2)

smile-precure_41 (5)

smile-precure_41 (4)

This episode was basically Yayoi versus herself. It was her own pessimistic self which was holding her back from enjoying what she likes doing most and telling herself she is no good. She almost gave up drawing her manga, and was about to throw it away when Aka Oni showed up.

Aka Oni was just used as a way for Yayoi to externally deal with her inner feelings. He said the exact same thing she told herself, but this time, Yayoi stood back up and became Super Saiyan. I guess she needed something/someone, aside from herself, to tell her she’s no good and her dream of becoming a manga artist was useless.

smile-precure_41 (6)

But man, with drawing skills like these, I say she’s already at pro levels!

Me is so jelly…

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