Smile Precure – One’s Treasure

Joker has been getting impatient. His three underlings have been on a losing streak since the very first episode, they just can’t defeat a single precure. Different nosed Akanbes or combining with one doesn’t help as the precures also got a power up.

The only chance Wolfrun, Aka Oni and Majolina have of defeating a precure, is one on one battle. Which has been proven to be more the better plan, and more exciting!

In his impatience, Joker threatened Wolfrun that he would make him go back to how he used to be. Interesting, wonder what the backstory is. Wolfrun clearly doesn’t want that to happen so he followed his order and chose to fight Cure Sunny one on one looking to settle his score with her from episode twenty-three.

And he was kicking ass!

Seeing as Wolfrun chose to fuse with a volleyball Akanbe, the very same type she fight the first time Akane became a precure, she let her guard down.

Not even when Wolfrun destroyed a treasure she has just found, did she have a chance. That was something Miyuki, Candy, Yayoi, Nao and Reika all made for her so she could do well in her volleyball match. Something precious she received from her friend showing just how much they care, it had huge value to Akane. Seeing it get destroyed in front of her would sure fire up her emotions and allow her to stand back up again and fight to protect the gift she made into her own treasure.

But she couldn’t do it. She was beaten badly and helpless in getting back up.

Wolfrun had defeated Cure Sunny…

That is what would have happened if he didn’t continue trying to take more precious things from Akane before finishing her off (of course, not gonna happen in a kid’s show! lolol). She had already lost her will to fight back. She saw she was helpless against Wolfrun, but he mentioned his next target would be… Cure Happy.

No way in hell would Sunny let that happen, realizing what her true treasure is and what she cares for the most, her emotions fire up and draws out the strength she needs to try and stop Wolfrun and protect her treasure which was always right by her side.


I’ve said it before, this is where the Cure series shines best. It’s when it sticks to the story and focuses more on the characters and their emotions rather than monster of the week (and/or item collection). Even Wolfrun here has an agenda and is being more evil and emotional than before, he is hellbent on defeating a precure and lead them to a Bad End else face consequences from the Joker.

Just love seeing these types of fights.

A little disappointed that Sunny didn’t defeat him alone. She ran out of power and needed to be saved from Wolfrun’s last and final spurt. But I get it, it’s the whole power of friendship thing. Can’t be helped. :/

This was an intense and great episode, and seeing as next episode is Yayoi vs Aka Oni, I’m led to guess the following will be Nao vs Majolina and following that will hopefully, I really really want this, be Reika vs Joker.

I’m getting supper excited, and I’m just guessing here, not even sure if Joker will face off against Reika. lol

That just leaves Miyuki. Wonder if she will have her own one on one fight. Regardless, the next few episodes should be pretty awesome as we’re nearing the re-resurrection of Emperor Clown.

2 thoughts on “Smile Precure – One’s Treasure

  1. This show is on a roll! Starting from episode 35, I think we have had nothing but excellent episodes, ranging from comedic (Happy Robot, the Cinderella parody) to emotional (the Brian episode and this one).

    I also appreciated that they didn’t forget Brian, though his Engrish was ughh…
    I agree with him that Akane’s smile is like the sun. She was really shining this episode.
    I don’t understand why this series is so underrated. ;_;

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