Chuu2koi – Playing Cupid

Rikka has been struck with an illness. And illness that is so foreign to her, she can’t comprehend it.

But there is one who knows what this malaise is, the Great Spirit Magician, Mori Summer! She tells her straight out what it is:

Love Sickness.

And Mori Summer has taken it upon herself to get Rikka and Yuuta together, something I approve off! lol

But Mori Summer, I don’t think a shoujo manga/book is a good reference on love and confessions. Especially when dealing with chuuni here. You plans will crash and burn.

At least one plan sort of kinda worked, the suspension bridge plan. (Where you have two people in a scary/terrifying position where they may confuse the thumping of their heart for love rather than fear.)

That wasn’t what Mori Summer intended, but looking at end results, it worked!


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