Chuu2koi – Beyond the Ethereal Horizon

So Rikka’s chuunibyou-ism isn’t just so she could have fun with her imagination, but it was actually a way for her to escape from reality. She doesn’t want to accept the reality of the death of her father. She believes he is beyond the Ethereal Horizon and took the Wicked Eye persona in hopes of seeing him again.

Didn’t think this anime would lay it heavy on us. Was expecting simple good fun all the way. But this is welcomed. It gives us a melancholic side to Rikka we’ve never seen:

I must admit, it made her a lot more attractive as a character (and visually).

Now that she saw the reality of what became of the house she used to live with her family in, will she accept the reality of her father’s death? Will she no longer need the Wicked Eye?

Always looked forward to the next episodes of this anime, but this time, I really really can’t wait.

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