Chuu2koi – He Be Bro

Isshiki! Way to take all the blame and save your fellow male classmates from being hated by the rest of the girls. Way to take the punishment for the cutie ranking by yourself. And way to decided your own punishment, shaving your head!

lolololol He actually did it. A man of his word indeed. You be a bro, Isshiki!!

(But your voice still annoys me.)

But it’s not all bad. Sure, the person who sent you the love letter didn’t come to the meeting spot, but you were greeted by your fellow man for taking one for the team.

And also, a certain upper-classmate wants to touch your head.


I’ll say, this is more than enough compensation. Having Kumin come to you and asking to touch you… YOU LUCKY BASTARD!

Also, Kumin is getting more and more into this chuuni business.

Nuttbladder explosion~!

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