Chuu2koi – Disillusioned

We saw it coming. We all could have guessed Nibutani also had a dark history in chuunibyou. And yes, she wrote the book Dekomori treats as a bible. And yes, that bible is the reason she joined the Far East club (not gonna write the whole name lol).

But what we couldn’t have guessed, was what the REAL Nibutani is like!

“If you so much as think of telling anyone, I’ll chop you into tiny pieces!”

Holy crap, that’s a huge character change! The gentle perfect girl we got to see in the first few episodes is nothing but that! Is it all an act then!? Yes, she want to break free from her chuunibyou past-self, much like Yuuta. And she was close to accomplishing her goal, the only remaining evidence of her dark past, is the book Dekomori holds.

Mabinogion is where everything the Great Spirit Magician, Mori Summer, wrote about the Otherworld. And that is why she joined the club, to get rid of it!!

But alas, she doesn’t hold a candle to the servant of the Wicked Eye, Mjolnir Maul. More like she gets too much damage from being reminded of her past that she can’t continue with her strong front! lol

I like the confrontational attitude she has towards Dekomori, that should make for some more Nibutani vs Dekomori fun~!

Meanwhile, Rikka is having fun with other books.

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