Chuu2koi – Servant of the Wicked Eye

Well she looks… reliable.

I should have expected them wanting to start a club… you know, being a school anime and all, but that thought didn’t come to mind until it was mentioned in the episode. A gathering of all the weirdos in one place, this will be tasking for the Dark Flame Master. And with the new addition, the servant of the Wicked Eye, Dekomori Sanae, the headaches will just get more painful.

Dekomori challenges her master to a duel, to see if her master is worthy of her services.

Queue imaginative battle!

lol oh man…

Nibutani might also be chuu2… and perhaps the biggest chuu2 of the club! I think she might have written the book Dekomori draws her stuff from.

But now that she wants to join, the Dark Flame Master will definitely join! lol

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