Chuu2koi – Mental, But Cute

KyoAni made ADHD absurdly cute, and it struck oil with it, now they turn their heads towards another disorder… being mental.

In this case, it’s “chuunibyou” 中二病 (also written as 厨二病). It describes a child who, usually when hitting puberty, has become too overly conscious of their self-esteem and act out. This acting out varies depending on the person and there are many ways of acting out, but in this case, the child has convinced him/herself to have in possession supernatural powers and/or is possessed by something supernatural. Also, the child may create a setting and alternate persona to go along with this new impression they have.

Our main male lead in this anime, Oreki Houtarou, used to be chuunibyou before he moved and attended Kamiyama High School.

Oh, wait, sorry… this is Togashi Yuuta.

My bad.

This guy had a bad case of chuunibyou when he was in the eight grade, but with his high school debut, he wants to leave all that behind and be a normal person and have a normal high school life. Of course, that ain’t happening!

He meets someone who is still in her chuunibyou phase, and it’s as bad as Oreki’s Yuuta’s used to be!

Goddamn, Rikka is so adorable~

She thinks Yuuta as a kindred spirit after seeing him lapse a bit into of his old chuunibyou and tries to bring it all out. Yuuta doesn’t want any of that and tells her to leave him alone and to keep away… but destiny has brought Dark Flame Master and Whicked Eye together again, breaking the chains of destiny will be a near to impossible task.

Yup, he’s stuck with this adorable thing:

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