TARI TARI – Getting Ready for the White Festival!

With everyone doing their part, Wien in charge of props (he’s pretty damn skillful!!), Konatsu of scriptwriting (lol), Wakana writing her song, Sawa in choreography (hng), and Tanaka in charge of backdrop (and looking under Sawa’s skirt), the White Festival is around the corner!

Or not… it has been cancelled.

All the hard work the students where doing in preparation for the White Festival is all useless now. The school has been sold out by the Principal in favor of the building of a new apartment complex. And now we won’t get to see the Choir Club perform their musical. D:

But hope is not lost yet! Wakana finished her song and wants to perform it with her friends, White Festival or not! And with the whole gang onboard, it’s gonna happen! Furk yeah~

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