Interrogation Game – It’s the End!

The questions which will never be answered by others:

1) What is that one anime which holds a special place in your heart? Why? (It doesn’t have to be your favorite anime, but one that holds a special spot.)

  • Angelic Layer. It was my gateway to anime and manga. If it wasn’t for Angelic Layer, I probably would not have come to know about this fandom. It may not have been the first anime I’ve seen, but it was the first anime I’ve seen while knowing what anime was.

    I also have the typical answers of having watched anime before. Sailormoon, Cardcaptors, Dragonball, etc etc. But Angelic Layer was the one which made me look into what it actually was, leading me to the anime/manga fandom.

    ‘Till this day, it is still one of my favorites anime of all time! It’s very good, go watch it!

2) Everyone watches anime for different a reason, what is your reason?

  • Entertainment. Simply for entertainment.

3) Anime is in Japanese, have you ever thought about, or are you, learning the language? Why or why not?

  • I’m currently still in my (self) studies. I’m taking it slow because there’s so much to watch and read and sometimes I forget to study! lol

4) How do you decide what to watch every new season?

  • I first look at charts and pick ones which look interesting to me. Judge a book by its cover. Then for the others I don’t hold high interest in, I would give it the three episode test. Watch the first three episodes, if I like it, watch it, if not, well stop watching.

    Some manage to slip by me so I’ll leave it to Twitter and what other people are saying to decide whether to watch it or not.

5) So you like anime, right? Why don’t you have a life?

  • ;_; ひどい~

One thought on “Interrogation Game – It’s the End!

  1. That was a really interesting read!

    Q1: Wow, myspace. That was really quite some time ago. And it’s impressive how 5 minutes of contemplation spawned a blog that survived for 5 years and counting. xP I like reading how others came to discover and joined the blogosphere because there are just so many different ways one can discover the sphere and pick up this hobby we all share in common.

    Q2: Not every post on every blog are episodics; maybe you should try surfing around the sphere once in a while when you have nothing to do.

    Q3: Slice of life is a great genre. Those feels, indeed~

    Q4&5: lol

    Great trick you thought of there, I was half expecting you weren’t gonna post a reply to this haha. Thanks for indulging me.

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