Interrogation Game – It’s the End!

What’s this!? Why am I being interrogated!? I didn’t do it, I plead the fifth! Who sent you!? Who told you to interrogate me!?


MExM? And it’s not that type of interrogation?

Oh… well, good… because I’m innocent. (Though I wouldn’t mind being handcuffed by Kuroko~)

Okay, so this little thing has been going around the anisphere, and after being tagged by MExM, (he was gentle… and skillful~) I too contracted it. According to the rules, I must oblige… or face some unknown scary consequences.

What are those consequences? I dare not even imagine…

So in order to preserve my safety, let’s get this going!!

1) How did you discover the animeblogosphere and what made you decide to join it?

  • I found out about blogging (and the sphere) sometime after I first started watching anime back in late 2006. I was doing some heavy watching back then so I didn’t browsed the net much. It was during the time when MySpace was popular. Remember that? Yup, MySpace was a thing, youngings.

    Anyway, I joined a group there and the owner and another user would take care of most of the discussions. And they would also sometimes link to their blogs. One of those blogs is still active, while the other is private and locked. Too bad.

    Well, time passed and as I read their blogs and saw how it was a way to just say whatever you want, however you want, when you want, all the while having fun, I too got interested. And after contemplating for about five minutes, on June 29, 2007 my blogging cherry was popped and I gave birth to Open Your Mind!

    It was a smooth, easy, and painless birth. I dunno what’s the big deal to this giving birth thing, girls.

2) What type of blog posts do you like to read?

  • Let’s use the past tense here. Used to read. I used to like to read anything besides episodics. But as most aniblogs are episodics, I gave up and stopped reading aniblogs altogether.

    I guess I would still read meta posts, but as I don’t have any aniblogs on my RSS feed, I wouldn’t know if they still write those. lol

    By the way, I wouldn’t read a blog like mine! Then why would I post what I post? Well, that’s not a question asked in this interrogation game so I don’t have to answer~

3) What is/are your favourite anime/manga genre(s)?

  • It doesn’t really matter. I would watch or read anything I find interesting or fun to watch/read. But If you must have a definite answer, I would say slice of life. Those feels~

4) What is one important lesson that you learnt from watching anime or reading manga?

5) What is your horoscope? As a bonus, do tell us what traits/characteristics that are associated with that horoscope do you possess if you would like.

  • Aquarius. I don’t know much about horoscopes or what each trait each signs have… but I’m pretty sure all Aquariuses are awesomely bad-ass. Because I am. And since I’m Aquarius, every Aquarius MUST be awesomely bad-ass.


Am I free to go now? I’ve answered all your questions.


I gotta make others go through this? Uhh… well, everyone I know must have gotten tagged by now. I don’t know who to choose and I don’t want to tag those who have already done it!! lol

So here’s the plan. There’s a deadline on this thing, right? I’ll schedule this post to publish automatically on the day this is supposed to be over. Then I don’t have to tag anyone! I’M A FUKKEN GENIUS!

And if you’re reading this, this has already been published so… yeah. There you go!

One thought on “Interrogation Game – It’s the End!

  1. That was a really interesting read!

    Q1: Wow, myspace. That was really quite some time ago. And it’s impressive how 5 minutes of contemplation spawned a blog that survived for 5 years and counting. xP I like reading how others came to discover and joined the blogosphere because there are just so many different ways one can discover the sphere and pick up this hobby we all share in common.

    Q2: Not every post on every blog are episodics; maybe you should try surfing around the sphere once in a while when you have nothing to do.

    Q3: Slice of life is a great genre. Those feels, indeed~

    Q4&5: lol

    Great trick you thought of there, I was half expecting you weren’t gonna post a reply to this haha. Thanks for indulging me.

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