Interrogation Game – It Wasn’t the End!?

I was caught again, I thought I was a free man… but alas, I have been captured again and must go through another interrogation. This time I’ve been captured, blindfolded, handcuffed by Kumoshi of Kagaribito and taken somewhere I don’t even know… but it was dark. And scary. And thrilling.

The rules are the same as linked from the previous post, and just like the previous post, I’m wriggling my way out of asking people because I don’t know who to ask! lol

Here we go~

1) What length of anime do you prefer to watch?

  • I prefer anime which don’t run for much too long, so around twenty four or twenty six episodes are where my preferences lie. But length of the anime doesn’t really matter as long as it’s still interesting to me through its run. So I’m fine with the shorter twelve episodes or the longer 100+ episodes anime (current only 100+ episode anime is Fairy Tail lol).

2) What is your favorite aspect of the anime/manga fandom?

  • Fanarts. I browse pixiv almost daily and tweet a few of the ones I like. Although I add a whole bunch more to my favorites in daboory/pixiv, I only tweet about four or five. Sometimes I may go crazy and share twice as much. But that rarely happens. lol

    I have a love/hate relationship with fanarts though. More so when ero gets involved. I love that these artist draw their favorite characters in poses and situations which they would never be in their respective anime. But then at the same time I hate how they drew the character in a pose or situation which ‘breaks’ the character. As in, the character would never do what is being depicted. But then I like it because, DAMN IT’S SO HOT!

    It’s complicated. lol

    Which is why I stopped caring as much and just enjoy what the artists have to offer.

3) Are there any particular traits in anime characters (whether personality or appearance) that you really like?

4) Which series do you want to get into but haven’t had the time yet?

  • Gundam. After watching Gundam 00, I found an interest in mecha because those Gundams were so damn sexy! But I haven’t been able to get into it for a few reason, time being one of them and me finding Gundam AGE shitty is another.

    I’ll get to it, eventually.

5) What are your favorite artists/art styles? (Anime, manga, video games, or even just art in general)

Seeing as I don’t have anyone to tag because I don’t want to tag those who were already tagged, I’ll be skipping the question asking part! lol

Also, because this will be automatically published at the end of the ‘game’.

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