NakaImo – So She Really Was Imouto!!

Hahaha wow… I didn’t think it would actually be revealed who imouto was! lol Do the light novels even say Miyabi is imouto? IIRC, it’s still pretty vague… but then, I don’t read the light novels so I wouldn’t know. Shougo won’t marry his blood related little sister, and now that it is clear who […]

Interrogation Game – It Wasn’t the End!?

I was caught again, I thought I was a free man… but alas, I have been captured again and must go through another interrogation. This time I’ve been captured, blindfolded, handcuffed by Kumoshi of Kagaribito and taken somewhere I don’t even know… but it was dark. And scary. And thrilling. The rules are the same […]

Interrogation Game – It’s the End!

What’s this!? Why am I being interrogated!? I didn’t do it, I plead the fifth! Who sent you!? Who told you to interrogate me!? Huh? MExM? And it’s not that type of interrogation? Oh… well, good… because I’m innocent. (Though I wouldn’t mind being handcuffed by Kuroko~) Okay, so this little thing has been going […]