TARI TARI – Stepping Back

Seems Sawa-chan’s chances of becoming a jockey are close to zero. There is a weight requirement Sawa exceeds. Can you blame her, she’s a well endowed tall girl, and will continue to grow, making her not meet the requirements.

Poor Sawa-chan D:

But at least her father still has her back even if he doesn’t totally approve of her career choice. He was on the phone arguing with the esquire people and even cursed them to hell a la monk style! KATSU!!

She also has her friends in the Choir Club who would improvise a song for her, each with their own quirky lyrics, in an attempt to cheer her up.

They’re not telling her to quit, but to take a step back and think about her future once her feelings calm down a bit. Maybe there’s still something she can do with horse riding.

But for now, she is off to join her friends in an audition to try to take the main stage during the festival, making it in the nick of time!

Wien is right, Sawa is hero~~

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