NakaImo – DNA Testing

lolololol oh man. This anime. THIS ANIME!!!

Here’s one thing I don’t get about Miyabi. She throws herself at Shougo, doing whatever to get his attention and trying to arouse him. Yet, when it comes down to it, she fukken bails! Shougo was asking for saliva from both Miyabi and Konoe to do some little DNA testing so he can be sure it’s safe to jam it in into one of them. (Great advice, Ikusu.)

He got it from Konoe, but when it was Miyabi’s turn, she said she won’t do it because Shougo had a lewd face when doing it. WTF!? ISN’T THAT YOUR DAMN OBJECTIVE, MIYABI!? TO AROUSE HIM SOMEHOW!? GAH (╯°Д°)╯︵ ┻━┻

So yeah, that wasn’t happening so Shougo went for the second option, blood or urine sample, and we get Miyabi imagination running wild.

So in the end she didn’t get DNA checked? Now we won’t know for sure if Miyabi is imouto or not.

I still think Ikusu is safest bet.

Stupid stationery.

And stupid uninterested Shougo.

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