TARI TARI – Time to Focus on Sawa-chan

These girls, they’re starting to jump on the mess-with-Wien boat driven by Konatsu. He’s so simple minded and doesn’t know much about Japan and its custom, so he’s easy bait for Konatsu to give him misinformation and have a good laugh! Didn’t expect the Wakana and Sawa to join though. lol

Previous episode gave conclusion to Wakana’s feelings about music and her mother, it was a touching story arc. And now we shift focus to Sawa!

Sawa is so delicious~

I had to hold myself back and not spam earlier posts with screenshots of Sawa! I mean, those episodes were about Wakana, so spamming Sawa felt wrong. lol

Now, I should be alright. I can post screenshots like this with no out of place feeling:

I do get a different kind of feeling though ;)

Wasting no time, the anime continues the story, shifting to Sawa, and ending the episode in cliffhanger.

Sawa was with her head in the clouds during a practice run, probably thinking about the qualifications needed for horseback archery, one which might have to do with weight as she was not eating much, and because she wasn’t paying attention, she fell of her horse Sabure!

I’m pretty sure she’ll be fine (previews can be so spoilerific, can’t they?), and she has soft cushions to soften her fall. But that’s not going to help her in convincing her father in letting her do horseback archery.

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