Hey Wakana, just because a big muscled Mexican*1 is chasing after you doesn’t mean he wants your money! He even helped you fix your broken bicycle chain. YOU RACIST! But that’s the best action to do. I mean, she doesn’t understand what the hell he’s saying and he was a little too familiar. Way too […]

Muv Luv Alternative – Bye, Izumi

It’s not often that I’m cheering for a character’s death to happen as soon as possible. One of those occasions was in the second episode of Muv Luv Alternatinve: Total Eclipse. Izumi really annoyed me. She was so hysterical during the battle with the BETA and was hellbent on revenge while raising death flags left […]

Smile Precure – Unrivaled Joker

Realizing he was missing one Decor, the Star Decor Miyuki put on the Tanabata tree, the Joker tries to retrieve it. Well, not ‘try’, this guy was so overpowering the precures couldn’t even touch him… not even their special final attack worked as he deflected them right back at them! He easily stole the Star […]

Smile Precure – Kidnapped Candy

Correctly guessing Candy has some connection to the Cure Decor, the Joker makes a move and kidnaps her! Oh noes~ Yeah, now is about the time in the series where things happen and start moving along. They’re usually in the middle of the series and near the end. All else is monster of the week. […]