Boku ha Tomodachi ga Sukunai – Kodaka You Coward!

So here we have Sena. Entranced in her video game, off into her own little world. And all of a sudden, she starts talking to Kodaka. And what does she say to him… well, SHE CONFESSES TO HIM!


Kodaka tried to play it off as if he didn’t hear her because of all the video game sounds, but she turns to look at him, and realizing that the other club members also heard, decides not to back off and seeks a reply from him.

The spotlight is on you, Kodaka. All members are looking straight at you, what are you going to say!?

“O-oh yeah, I have some urgent business!”


I got really disappointed in Kodaka after he ran away. Not only because that, but because he spent the next week avoiding going to the club room by helping out the student council. Volunteered himself.

Respect lost, Kodaka. But in turn, mad respect for Rika!!

She called him to the roof and set him straight by beating him up with floating balls! lol

His reason for avoiding the club room was because he didn’t know what to do. It’s the first time he ever had a place to chill out and hang with people he liked. He didn’t want to destroy that so not knowing what to do or how to reply to Sena, he ran away and stood away from the club room.

But now that Rika set him straight and the two officially became friends, RIKA FRIEND ZONED, Kodaka will return to the club room and give a proper reply to Sena.

What will his reply be? We can only wait ’till volume nine!

But dang, Kodaka, don’t pass up on some delicious juicy Meat, dammit!

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