Smile Precure – Emperor Clown Resurrected

The bad end is near! Emperor Clown has been resurrected! And then defeated not five minutes after by the precures… lol that was fast.

I mean, he is the big bad of the series, right? How can he be defeated before he could do anything? He was only able to launch one attack before the precures turned into their Princess forms (shitty screenshot), defeating him in one attack.

What lacked in final boss battle, the mid-bosses battle was pretty awesome though!

Dang, those fights were bad-ass and awesomely executed. The second part of their fight was rehash footage from the opening sequence. The difference being background/location. But it was still pretty awesome to see Reika use her ice sword, I wanted to see her use it since the first time she transformed.

And again, Joker is one bad-ass dude, fighting it out with Cure Beauty was the best part of the episode IMO. I like his fighting style, how he plays around with his opponent and mocks them. He even licked Cure Beauty’s hair in mid-fight! lol

Everyone had an opponent to fight while Cure Happy went to save Candy… and her opponent was the Yellow Nosed Akanbe!

Hmm… I didn’t see anything special about this Yellow Nose. Their special attacks are useless against the Blue Noses, only with the help of Candy can they defeat them… so I was looking to see what the Yellow Nose special trait would be. Disappointingly enough, I didn’t see anything. Happy’s special attack was enough to beat him. But of course, they were all in an emotional rush and were stronger than before.

But yeah, the episode was great and the fighting pretty awesome. The only thing I didn’t like was that the Emperor Clown finally was resurrected and beaten quickly. Wanted a bit more from that fight.

Oh well, we get Happy End.

3 thoughts on “Smile Precure – Emperor Clown Resurrected

  1. @53RG10 i dont think the emparor clown is death yet becouse if you seen in the explosion he was left behind him some kind of spike core so i think he not defeated yet. what do you think?

    • Ah yes, forgot to mention that core/seed/whatever it was.

      I kinda want to see a new set of enemies. But as you mentioned, the Clown wasn’t really defeated and Wolfrun, Aka Oni, Majorina and Joker may still be around so I think they’ll try to resurrect again.

  2. @53RG10 even if pierrot was not realy defeated i think woldrun akaoni and majorina are dead since they was go all out in this battle so i think we will get new set of enemies and about joker i not sure he dead since in all this pierrot arc he said somthing about miracle jewels so there is a chance he will the only one who servived from this 4

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