Nanoha ViVid – Vivio vs Miura

Oh man! I’ve been waiting for this! The match between Vivio and Miura!! And it did not disappoint, 94 pages of hand to hand battle good-ness!

I was rooting for Miura the whole match. Vivio is the main character, so I was betting on the wrong character winning… I mean, the main character always wins, right? But Miura is just to damn awesome to not fucking root for! She’s a powerhouse, that small body can deal massive damage. Ever since the battle against Mikaya, where she dealt 23,450 damage to 1,150 life, I’ve been left impressed and have been super excited when she was pitted up against Vivio for her next fight.

She was definitely the star of the match, dealing 200+ points more damage per attack than Vivio. Vivio was doing well too, she got right in there at close range and didn’t back of, pushing in and attacking Miura shaving off each other life points bit by bit. Hell, Vivio even managed to block that 23,450+ damage dealing attack of Miura’s! It was a pretty amazing fight but only one can win… and while Miura was doing all she could, Vivio kept pushing in and dealing more and more damage to Miura.


Miura fucking wins the match with such an awesome counter attack!


I’ll admit, I wasn’t expecting this, this was heading towards Vivio’s victory, but Miura saw a tiny opening and took the opportunity to use one of her special moves, shaving off all of Vivio’s life points and ringing her out.

Adding to the fact that Vivio had accumulated over 70% of body damage during the match, this final attack rendered her unconscious and had to be taken to emergency. It wasn’t really bad, she is okay and woke up in time to see the next match, Halley vs Rio:

This is also turning into a pretty good fight, but we’ll have to wait until next volume (8) to see the rest of it.

Rio has the upper hand now, but that can change very quickly!

Glad to see that Miura won though, was pretty shocked at that!! Now I hope to see her fight Einhard~

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