Smile Precure – Unrivaled Joker

Realizing he was missing one Decor, the Star Decor Miyuki put on the Tanabata tree, the Joker tries to retrieve it. Well, not ‘try’, this guy was so overpowering the precures couldn’t even touch him… not even their special final attack worked as he deflected them right back at them! He easily stole the Star Decor and even managed to make all the precure fall into despair and take that bad energy from them.

Those faces…

The first half of the episode was great. Loved the fight, the moves and animations was fantastic! Joker was a total badass, and it seemed like he wasn’t even trying and was simply toying with them. Unrivaled indeed.

The precures fell into despair and lost their will to fight, but after realizing what is most important to them, they stood right back up and chose to go and save Candy. But with the bad energy the Joker took from them, the resurrection of the Emperor Clown is completed!

The precures got their asses handed to them by a mid-boss, so how will they take on the big bad? New transformation forms of course! We’ll get to see them next episode.

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