Smile Precure – Kidnapped Candy

Correctly guessing Candy has some connection to the Cure Decor, the Joker makes a move and kidnaps her! Oh noes~

Yeah, now is about the time in the series where things happen and start moving along. They’re usually in the middle of the series and near the end. All else is monster of the week. Though honestly I thought it would happen on the 22nd episode, seeing as that clown clock thing only goes up to eleven twenty-two. Next ep should be good~

Also, been wondering if yellow nosed Akanbe would make an appearance. There was red and blue, and if you look at Joker’s hair, he has those ‘noses’ on it. Maybe on second half of series.

4 thoughts on “Smile Precure – Kidnapped Candy

  1. @53RG10 can you do a short review like this on the next episodes with the battle against joker in episode 22 and the next episodes?

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