Natsuiro Kiseki – Miracle’s End

So after accidentally making it an endless summer, the girls decided to make lemonade. They have the whole summer for themselves, so why not do whatever they want? The day may be repeating, but that doesn’t mean their activity also has to be the same!

So they did anything and everything. Like this, they can be together forever!

But if it never ends, it can never become a memory. Realizing this, the girls had no choice but to say good-bye to the miracle. And rather than make a wish, they hope they will always stay friends no matter how far apart they are from each other.


And that wraps up Natsuiro Kiseki. I liked it, there were some funny moments and situations. Specifically episode two. That was great! That episode sold it to me, I might not have continued watching if it wasn’t for ep 02. lol

The rest of the series wasn’t as god-tier as episode two, but it wasn’t bad, I had fun watching it. Plus, Saki was hot. I would watch just for Saki~


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