Natsuiro Kiseki – Idol Dream

Their dream of becoming an idol group slips through their hands.

Way to get stage fright, Yuka. She was super excited and overly optimistic since the start of the episode. That’s just how she is, no different from previous episodes. But once she stepped foot inside the audition hall and saw all the other contestants, she was shaken. I think she would have done fine if she wasn’t so nervous… and because of her slip up, the didn’t make the cut.

She was feeling down for letting their last chance to be together, and somehow have Saki live with them (in Tokyo), slip away. But they still have the memories of the crazy summer they have spent together, and there will always be the chance to try auditioning again! Saki is just a boat ride away, they can meet again!

But still, they have many things they want to do before summer ends. Oh how they wish summer could last just a bit longer… and that is exactly what they’ll get.

The days of an endless summer begins.

[– Insert Haruhi Endless Eight joke here –]

Those damn wishing rocks are everywhere! What the hell!?

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