Smile Precure – What’s in a Name?

Awwwwww~ Yayoi~ ;_;

Another touching episode from Smile Precure. Last week’s was that bittersweet Nao episode, and now it’s Yayoi’s turn as she tries to remember a precious memory of her late father and the reason he gave her the name ‘Yayoi’.

The name comes from the old Japanese name for the month of March, meaning the start of Spring and ‘new life’. He wanted to give her a name similar to Yayoi’s mother, Chiharu [thousand spring], hoping she would grow up to be a gentle person just like the gentle season of Spring.


Remembering this gave Yayoi more courage while fighting the Akanbe and she held back her usual scream when she used her finishing move!

What a sweet episode~!

Also, the fights are getting better. The girls were thrown around a bit this episode! lol

One thought on “Smile Precure – What’s in a Name?

  1. Yayoi (やよい) – Yayoi is the olden name for “March” of twelve months in the lunar calendar. In Episode 19 , it was revealed that her father Yuuichi named her Yayoi (“March”), the first month of spring, after her mother Chiharu (“a thousand springs”), in hopes that she will become as kind and gentle as Chiharu. Another reference for the name could be the famous Japanese artist Kusama Yayoi, since Kise Yayoi is good at drawing.

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