Medaka Box – War God Mode

Bad little boys need a spanking… or a straight punch to gut while in SUPER SAIYAN War God mode!

When I was reading the manga, this sudden turn of events completely caught me off guard. I knew Medaka was almost perfect and could do almost anything she wanted… a superhuman. But an actual literal superhuman!? Fuck, mind blown.

I didn’t know what to think, I liked the daily life theme it first had as the Student Council helped out the student body. So when it turned into a circus freak show, I wasn’t too enthusiastic on it. I even stopped reading the manga at one time, but came back to it when I craved absurdity.

Also, I see this is twelve episodes? No way… there has to be more. Anyone watching this season only will not know what Medaka Box is truly about. This will hurt Medaka Box even more.

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