Aniblog Tourney – Oh Crap, I’m Unprepared!

I’m obviously Yoshika. A big name like me is not some dumb praying mantis.

Welcome, Aniblog Tourney peoples! I know why you’re here, you’re here to look around my little corner of the net and see if my blog is super awesome enough to get your vote. So like any other blog out there, I planned to make a post and guide you with links to the best posts of Open Your Mind so you can see just how great I am.

Sadly there are none…

I haven’t been blogging much recently, well at least nothing good worth mentioning. But then I remembered, I once read a post with this genius idea on how to get votes and steamroll through this Aniblog Tourney! And I shall put that into practice!

Whoever published this post needs a freaking medal. How could no one else see the genius of such an idea!? If I ever meet whoever authored that post, I would kiss buy a beer for him… or her. Hope it’s a her.

And hot.

Anyway, I haven’t seen a blog who did what said post suggested. Are they idiots? Are they not serious about this tournament!?

Well I am!

And so, to gain your votes. As suggested, the following page has a nekkid loli image. Enjoy!


4 thoughts on “Aniblog Tourney – Oh Crap, I’m Unprepared!

    • You’re welcome. It’s not everyday you get thanked for calling someone a ‘baka’.

      You like cute pictures? This is the cutest picture on the blog, IMO.

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