Smile Precure – Entomophobia

Well shit… if I saw a bug that huge I’ll scream my lungs out and shit my pants!

Nao has the right reaction, how the hell can the other girls not be scared out of their pants!? (They wear skirts, I know, it’s a figure of speech!) You don’t have to have a fear of bugs to go in a scream frenzy overtaken by fear when you are surrounded by bugs five or more times bigger than you. HOW CAN THEY REMAIN SANE!?

Hell, if I see a bug bigger than half an inch, I’ll run my ass out of there. It’s not a phobia, more like I don’t want those ugly creepy things near me.

They’re precures, they have supah powers, so maybe the other girls don’t fear them. But then again, they’re normal girls when not transformed, so Miyuki… stop laughing and enjoying yourself, THE FORCE OF THAT ANT’S MANDIBLES WILL BREAK YOU IN HALF!

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