Queen’s Blade: Rebellion – Three WTF?

I wanted to watch this. So, last night, I watched the rest of the second season which I had on hold. It was alright, I like it because I love Airi. I thought that in order to watch rebellion, I would have needed to have finished the second season.

But not five minutes in and I WTF’d… didn’t Reina win the Queen’s Blade tournament? Why is Claudette the queen? Claudette was rather noble, so why is she a tyrannous queen? Is this the same world? What the fuck is going on?

I think I may have needed to watch the OVAs…

That was the first WTF, the second is:

It’s not the fact that she’s riding a transparent horse.

It’s not the fact that the horse is running down a (steep vertical) cliff.

It’s the fact that when Annalotte caught Huit, who was falling off the cliff, she THREW her to the side… making her land on hard ground.


Why the hell would you throw her? At the speed the horse was going, it wouldn’t have mattered if Annalotte caught her or not… right?

BTW, Huit ended up being fine!

That was the second, and the third… maybe best WTF:

Apparently, this is a dude!!! Huit calls her… him? “onii-chan”!


3 thoughts on “Queen’s Blade: Rebellion – Three WTF?

  1. WFT is going on? Mainly you also have to watch the OAV season and be up to date with the gamebooks in Japan. However if you’re interested to know what exactly is going on, read past the spoiler warning below

    Some spoilers (if you could call them that)

    While Reina won the last Queen’s Blade tournament, she gave the position of Queen to Claudette who she thought would be a much better ruler. Also Reina wanted to follow Risty around…

    At first everything was sunshine and rainbows; Claudette proved to be a very good and just ruler. Then after a while things started to go south. Claudette abolished the Queen’s Blade tournament essentially making her el presidente for life. Then she decided to deal with the noble families (like hers) which were nominally outside of the rule of the Queen. Tyranny, bloodshed and basically the Reign of Terror with Lesbians ensue. Annelotte is a former noble who is leading (or in show so far) will lead the resistance against the tyranny of Claudette.

    Now why is Claudette acting so out of character?
    – She’s possessed, probably by the Swamp Witch. Pretty much Aldara MkII.

    Where is say, Reina or Tomoe, those strong fighters of the Queen’s Blade tournament that could set things right?
    – Many of them have been sidelined one way or another, often by the machinations or direct intervention of the Swamp Witch. For exmaple Reina is working under an assumed identity and is trying to help but is inflicted with a severe case of narcolepsy that makes her sleep 16 hours a day. Tomoe was blinded by the Swamp Witch to reduce her combat prowess, etc. In fact we expect some answers to come soon since the Swamp Witch herself is getting her own gamebook.

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