Jewelpet Kira Deco! – WTF? That Opal…

lol woah, what the hell!? Opal is suddenly hime bitch!

In Jewelpet Sunshine, opal was a lot more reserved and a lot nicer. She took care of her classmates (being the class rep.), but here… much like Kanon in Sunshine, she’s a total bitch! And she’s voiced my Sawashiro Miyuki, so that’s hot!!

Uhh… voice wise… not… physically wise… That’s for the bronies.

Anyway, what happened!?

Well, seems Sunshine and Kira Deco! aren’t related, they’re the same Jewelpets but different universe/dimension. So while they may look the same, they are a little different than from their Sunshine counterpart. I totally thought it would be a continuation, glad it isn’t. Wasn’t happy with the ending so I welcome this change~

One thought on “Jewelpet Kira Deco! – WTF? That Opal…

  1. It’s same thing for Jewelpet, Jewelpet tinkle, Jewelpet sunshine and Jewelpet sunshine. There’s same jewel pets but not related.

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