Kami Nomi zo Shiru Sekai – Show How It’s Done, Ayumi!

And that, God, is how you do a confession. With real emotions, real feelings and without following a script!

Ayumi is proving to be a tough one to (re)conquer. And because Chihiro told her what Keima was doing, she has her guard up even more. She wants a real confession out of Keima, and sadly, I don’t think she’s going to get it… seeing as Keima doesn’t show that kind of interest in real girls.

And now that Vintage is starting to move, wonder how he’s going to do to bring Ayumi’s goddess out.


3 thoughts on “Kami Nomi zo Shiru Sekai – Show How It’s Done, Ayumi!

  1. Jeez, how long can this conquering girls storyline go on! I see the series eventually arcing/climaxing in 1 of these ways:
    1) Keima eventually, hopelessly falls for a girl
    2) Keima & Elsie fall for each other
    3) Keima has a peak spiritual experience & goes off to be a Buddhist monk OR…& THIS would be the best development of all…
    4) Keima surprisingly, hopelessly, finds he is a closeted UKE when some SEME comes & sweeps him off his feet & Keima is left TOTALLY unprepared for that eventuality. THAT would be the greatest shounen-ai story of the century! Doesn’t need to go yaoi. Keeping it solely romantic (like, e.g. “No. 6”) would be sufficient.

    I vote for 5.


      And yeah, it is dragging on quite a bit. But seeing as this last girl is Ayumi, I’m completely fine with it. Love Ayumi~<3

      BTW, Number 4 already kinda happened… with Yui the cross-dresser. She was on the attack and Keima on the receiving end. lol

      • Ya, ur right. No no. 5. Meant to say # 4. And I’ve not seen/read the whole series, so I dint know about the cross dresser. Another possibility…an older, wiser woman could come along & knock him off his high horse…a bit in the style of “Onegai Teacher” but she’d need to be more of either a femme fatale or an earth mother type character who could take the reins & yank him along to a totally nu world before he knew what hit him. No matter what, tho, the guy needs to be HUMBLE-IZED, BIG TIME.

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