Nanoha ViVid – Vivio Is Holding Back

Their match barely started and Vivio rushed Miura and knocks her out in three hits! Oh man, don’t tell me that’s it, it can’t be over just like that, right? Of course not! Miura regains consciousness before the countdown and the fight resumes!

So glad it didn’t end so quickly. Seeing has Miura is capable of dealing massive damage, I wanted to see how she fares against the manga’s protagonist. And from the looks of it, she can hold her ground… and push back!

And well, Vivio was holding back… no, not her punches and stuff, she was holding back showing just how much fun she has been having. Dang, these lolis love to fight! lol

Gotta wait for next volume to see the continuation of this fight!!! FFFFFFF


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