Kikou Shoujo ha Kizutsukanai – Yaya is Annoying Me…

I started reading the light novel for this. I was reading the manga, but as I already caught up to what was available (chapter 19?), I decided to hunt the light novels and read that instead. I found it interesting so I wanted to read more. If you want a synopsis check MAL.

So what is it about Yaya that is annoying me?

She is so jealous-hysterical.

At first I thought it was cute how she introduced herself as Raishin’s wife and how she would ask him to take off his pants, sniff him, or some other perverted thing, she does this many times, much to Raishin’s resistance. But as Raishin meets more of the students, mostly girls of course, Yaya completely goes off the deep end, completely making things up in her mind from the conversations. Making her jealousy very apparent, which somehow always leads her thinking that Raishin is lusting over the girl. Which leads to boke/tsukkomi routine and Raishin’s reputation going down.

She’s even more annoying whenever Raishin mentions Shouko (Yaya’s creator).

I understand it’s supposed to be a comic relief type of scenario, but it starting to get repetitive and annoying. And because Yaya isn’t the only one who takes the contents of the conversation the wrong way, I’m afraid it’s going to happen with the other characters too.

Charlotte (my favorite character) is starting to do that too D:

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