Kami Nomi zo Shiru Sekai – Re-conquering the First

I love how the last goddess resides in the very first girl Keima conquered. And that girl being Ayumi, I’m loving this! As an Ayumi fan, I’m very glad to see her getting more screen panel{?} time the last few chapters.

And this chapter opened with one of the best shots EVER!!!


What really sucks though, is that Keima is bringing along Chihiro with him for his Ayumi re-conquest.

What the hell is he thinking? He fucked up big time with Chihiro and really hurt her. He guessed wrong in whether Chihiro had a goddess or not and when he found out she didn’t have one, broke up with her in a really asshole way.

He better have a good reason for taking Chihiro along with him.

3 thoughts on “Kami Nomi zo Shiru Sekai – Re-conquering the First

  1. Keima’s plan makes slightly more sense in this chapter, but I’m still wondering what they hell he’s going to do. He seemed pretty aimless before, and I’m not sure how he intends to fix that.

  2. I think he is bringing Chihiro along because he fears she might get attacked by Vintage again. Since Chihiro overheard the discussion between Keima and Haqua/Diana, I hope that she will learn everything about Hell and forgive Keima.

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