Jewelpet Sunshine – The Ship Sinks

So yeah, turns out Mikage and Kanon are not only blood related siblings, but twins. Kanon was handed over to the Mizushiro household when she was very young because the Shiraishi family head {?}, their grandmother, was a crazy old lady who thought Kanon would bring bad luck (calamity) to the Shiraishi family as she was born with an odd hair whirl.

The parents didn’t want to do that, but the crazy old lady got more and more stubborn about it and fearing harm would come to their children, their parents had no choice but to entrust Kanon to another family.

So yeah, finding this out, Mikage and Kanon had no choice but to break up. D:

This was an emotional episode, and glad to see Kanon back to her usual self. Sad to see a ship I supported go down and sink.

Also, if it ever becomes Ruby X Mikage… I’m going to rage so fuckin’ much!

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