High School DxD – Asia…

Gaaaahhhh ;___;

Dammit, she was a good character, why did she have do die!? All she wanted was to live happily and make some friends… Even a demon prayed and begged God not to take her away… but it was ignored. God won’t make a demon’s wish come true. So Asia died…

Or not.

She was resurrected by Rias and made into one of her bishops and member of their club. All is well and happy ending get.

But you know how I feel about resurrections, if not, I hate them. I abhor them. I do not approve of them. So I wasn’t too thrilled when she was resurrected… I’m happy she’s alive, but that plot device is something I hate seeing.

Overall, Asia’s arc was pretty good. I really liked it, it was touching and it made me have genuine interest in this anime I would have otherwise written off as mindless fanservice. I think it may go back to that coming next episode…

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