Fairy Tail – Did Gray Just…

Did he just…kinda confessed!? “You bastard! Don’t just be taking what’s mine!”

But judging from the next page, I think he meant it as “You bastard! Don’t just be taking one our guild members!”

Ah well…

Also, now there’s a third type of Dragon Slayer. The more Dragon Slayers appear, the less awesome and unique I think they are…

“He was raised by a dragon? Awesome!” (On Natsu.)
“Oh shit! Another one!” (On Gajeel)
“Another one…”? (On Laxus.)
“Now a little girl.” (On Wendy.)
“Another one?” “Two more…? A third generation? Meh.”

Not too thrilled about Dragon Slayers anymore… :/

3 thoughts on “Fairy Tail – Did Gray Just…

  1. This was what I was thinking when I read this chapter. It seems to be setting up some sort of rematch between Gray and Leon, which I’m looking forward to.

  2. Gray doesn’t mean it (in that way..) but wew looks at Juvia, isn’t she just dashing here :D

    I bet there’s gonna be a 4th generation Dragon Slayer.. where the Dragon Slayers are actual Dragons themselves in human form.

    But since everyone’s a dragon slayer now I wonder why there aren’t that many dragons flying around o_o”

    Oh well, I’ll just satisfy myself with some Skyrim xD

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