It’s a New Year, so Let’s Set Some Goals

Which I will probably not keep.

But it’s good enough to have some goals and direction even if I have no intention of fulfilling them! lol But really, I’ll try this time. Last time I wanted to read more Visual Novels…but ended reading only one (from all of these). ”’orz

It was Flyable Heart. (Posts for other routes are coming. If you even care about that.)

So yeah, here are my goals for 2012:

Strengthen Nippongonese Powars

I’ve been (self) studying Japanese for about four years now, and I can get by reading light novels, visual novels, manga, Japanese sites, and even do translation. But, there are times when I see a kanji compound I have not seen and not know it’s meaning. I can guess what it means by the kanji it uses, but sometimes the meaning is very different, and sometimes the kanji are ones I haven’t studied yet. This means I’ll have to look them up and realize their meaning, which breaks the flow of reading and train of thought, I’ll then have to start reading the whole section again. I don’t like that, so I want to strengthen my Japanese so the flow won’t break as often. Seeing as pretty much everything I do involves Japanese in some way, it is a very good idea to study more.

The kanji compounds that break my flow may not be used in everyday Japanese, but they are found in manga, games, novels, etc. etc. So I’ll try to turn this chart all green! (Those are my stats from read the kanji.) Green means I know the kanji, red means I’m need to study it more, and white means I haven’t studied that kanji at all. lol These are just the JLPT (and N-series) kanji, so I’ll still run into kanji not in that list. But the flow will break less the more kanji I know!

I didn’t study much in 2011, interests were in other places, but getting at least an hour a day should get me up to speed in no time.

Post more on this slowly dying site

In 2011 my post count compared to 2010 is quite low, I think it’s mainly because of Twitter. The ease of uploading an image and saying something in less than 140 characters spoiled me to rely on it and use it more often. The problem is, tweets tend to get easily lost in the stream of status updates and looking one of them up is very hard. Why would I want to look it up? I dunno, but I like being able to easily do so. So I’ll try to update here instead on Twitter, even if it’s just one picture and a few words. (Like this one.)

Read more light and pron visual novels

Yeah, let’s try this one again. Nicolai and Vii in IRC always try to get me to read VNs…and I always turn it down because, I don’t know why…I’m not doing anything and am just staring at the screen… :/

So yeah, gonna try doing this again. If I can’t, it just means there isn’t enough interest and should just forget about trying again.

On the light novel side, I read them from time to time, but the ‘time to time’ span is so long that I tend to forget which chapter I stopped at and which novel I was reading. lol So I’ll try to stick to reading the novel more frequently.

Clear Touhou 06-13 in big boy mode

I have already 1cc’d all of them at least once in normal (memo to self, update that page). I even cleared the Extra Stage for Touhou 06-10. So the next leap is to go hard mode.

I like the Touhou games, they’re challenging and very unforgiving. That sense of achievement you get after 1cc or even getting to the last boss is awesome! Also, I’m a bit of a masochist and love getting my ass handed to me by little girls raining bullet on me. Giving them a spanking after lots of trials and errors is a great reward. I also like the music of the games and bullet patterns, so I don’t mind replaying stages over and over.

I’ll be playing more, meaning my translation of doujinshi will lessen more and more. Fair trade-off IMO.


You know, I don’t really have a goal for drawing. I do like to draw, but it’s a pain to draw with a mouse (no drawing tablet) and it takes a very long time. My latest non-collaboration work took about a month to finish. And that’s fine, but I don’t want to make it into something I have to do, so I’ll just draw whenever I get the feel for it.


I have a lyrics translation site and a Touhou doujinshi site, and different goals for both of them.

For Deciphered Melody, I plan to move away from anime songs to video game songs. There are many anime songs translations out there, and when I see one that I wanted to translate is already translated, I lose motivation. Though I would still translate the song if I really like it anyways. lol Also, I plan to finally complete all THE iDOLM@STER projects I currently have.

For Journey to Gensokyo, I want to lessen my doujinshi translation. This is so I can focus on plying the games in hard mode and on other stuff. But, I do plan to translate the doujinshi from series I had already translated from (ex: Miko Miko Suika series).

And that’s pretty much it, no grand goals, no life changing goals, just thing pertaining to my interests. lol

Also, as I’m NEET and have no life, I have all the time in the world (or one year) to complete all of these goals. But things won’t go as planned if I don’t at least make an effort to do them. I spend my time and interest erratically, if I felt like drawing, I’ll draw, if I felt like writing a post, I’ll write a post, I was all over the place doing different things depending on my mood.

But this time, I’ll try to keep to a schedule! Playing games on X day, reading light/visual novels on Y day, and watching anime on Z day. Manage time a bit and I might be able to do all that I want to do. Before the world ends.

Simple goals, but whatever.

Have you guys set your own goals for 2012?

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