Boku ha Tomodachi ga Sukunai – Misstep

This was a major misstep by Yozora. Trying to show off just how much she knows about karaoke boxes, she hit a little snag when she realized they were all being charged for the room, as opposed one charge for the room since they will all be in it. She was not going to have none of that, so she agreed to Sena’s plan of going in one by one…I dunno how the hell that works…don’t they still pay for the 900yen they were being charged? That would just put them all in different rooms.

How could she not catch on that? Now she’s alone in her own karaoke box…and Sena in her own.

Also, Yozora was one upped by Sena.

Sena wasn’t showing any intentions of one upping Yozora, she simply came back to deliver a message to Kodaka and saw Yozora being shaken by it. Showing that sly look Yozora always makes when she’s about to do something mean, Sena then made Kodaka keep quiet about why he’s going to visit her home, keeping Yozora in the dark.

What could be going through Yozora’s head?

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