Fate/Zero – Mad Dog

Oohhhhh maaaannn, Berserker! He looked freaking awesome as he was fighting it out with Gilgamesh. So bad ass! I wondered who he was for the longest time, the novel did good on hiding his identity. But the anime pretty much gave you a clue during the ending credits. Connect the dots and you’ll figure out who he is.

This episode was filled with awesome. Rider standing up for his Master Waver and insulting Kayneth, Giglamesh being a total badass, Berserker not giving a fuck and attacking Gilgamesh, Lancer, being the honorable knigh, helping Saber as she was attacked by Berserker, only to be ordered via Command Spell to attack Saber…shattering the honorable and prideful battle they had.

And lastly, Caster getting a raging hard on for Saber, the Maiden he always wish to be resurrected. We know he’s Bluebeard right? Yeah, he said so himself, so that means it’s not a spoiler to say he’s dead wrong. He guessed Saber’s identity wrong. lol

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