Boku ha Tomodachi ga Sukunai – UNIVERSE!


Oh Rika Rika Rika…how could you possibly have no friends? I’m sure many would like to hear a girl talking about erotic manga and her own desires. Many would like to hear you talk about men on other men, many would like to hear you talk about giant robots piercing each other. No one will be uncomfortable at all…right?


But hey, at least she’s honest about what she likes!

Also joining the Neighbor’s Club is Yukimura. That cute maid right there. Mmmm delicious.

But Yukimura is male.


I don’t care. And I thank Yozora for putting him in that maid outfit as his manly training. lol

Great plan Yozora! She knows her way with words and easily convinced him to wear that. She can also quickly turn the conversation and lead you into a corner, and is a lot easier against a ten year old!

I was tricked?

And it won’t be the last time. She’s a teacher, supposedly, and the club adviser, not by choice. So I guess that makes her a genius? But stupid enough to be tricked by Yozora’s magical logic…or maybe not stupid, innocent. The direct opposite of Rika. lol

There’s one member left to join the club. You can pretty much guess who it is…she’s the cute servant of the night.

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