Boku ha Tomodachi ga Sukunai – So S

God, Yozora is such a bully…such a sadist!! If this wasn’t apparent in the first two episodes, it will be set in stone on this one. She makes Sena read an erotic scene from an erotic game…out loud!

To be fair, Sena had it coming, she cornered herself (which is usually the case). She was saying how the game was such a work of art that an erotic scene like that isn’t filthy or shameful. That’s when you can see Yozora’s face go into sadist mode…and the result is Sena running out of the clubroom in tears.

But Yozora is not all bad, she just can’t be honest. Maybe. I don’t know. She still acts the same way even six volumes in…

Also, she was an old childhood friend of Kodaka. This is why she talked to Kodaka in the first episode about her air friend, she didn’t think of him as a random dude walking in on her. She remembers him…and Kodaka has no recollection. Can’t blame him, he can’t connect the dots yet. :/

It’s always the guys who can’t remember. What dumb-asses we are…

That’s fine, and well, let’s end this post with a Sena pic~

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