Blood-C – Bloody Awesome

Oh man, and here I thought this anime couldn’t get any more bloody or gruesome…they upped the ante in the final episode! Now the whole town got covered in blood and dismembered corpses as jackass Fumito lets all hell break loose. Though I gotta say, some of those deaths were pretty hilarious to watch.

The fight of Saya vs Tadayoshi (her father) was also pretty bad ass and over the top. Fucken loved it.

Sadly, the anime ended with Fumito not getting his just desserts. I really wanted to see Saya slash him in half as she jumped to reach the helicopter he was riding. Luckily, seems we’ll get a movie where Saya (hopefully) gets her revenge! Can’t wait!

Loved this anime, it was bloody and over the top, which made it fun to watch. A little confusing, but not too much. Too bad it was censored, some of those scene would be a lot more awesome without the glare. I’ll definitely give the DVD/Blu-Ray version a try (if I remember to lol).

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