Blood-C – I Don’t Know WTF


So the twins and Tokizane, who were all killed by the Elder Bairns, are alive and kicking. And once they open their mouths, turns out they are really total assholes. WTF?

The whole town was created as a project to see what makes Saya ‘Saya.’ Her memories were taken and rewritten a few times it seems, making the chosen cast go through the same scenario again and again with the promise of them getting some sort of reward (money, or in the twins case, amnesty). They, getting tired of it, try to go off script and try to bring Saya’s memories back so it would all be over and could get out of that hell hole.

Still not sure what’s going on, but I am disappointed at their true characters…they really are assholes. And I used to like them too… D:

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