Flyable Heart – Shirasagi Mayuri

Well this was a let down. I was expecting Mayuri’s route to be a little bit more dramatic than the rest because she seemed to have had a past with Shou’s (the main lead) father. Also, I was ready for some weird trippy plot twist like in Amane and “time traveling” or Sakurako’s “everything is a dream” stories…but there wasn’t anything like that.

There was one thing I liked about her route though, that it showed her true personality. {I read this route on and off through the weeks so details may be a bit iffy…lol }

Shirasagi Mayuri is the vice president of the student council…or one of the vice presidents as Yaeno Kei is also one…and is also the school’s idol (along with Sakurako) [really, doesn’t she have any position by herself!? lol]. She’s the ‘onee-san’ type of character with good grades, good athletic abilities, is kind and elegant and can do pretty much anything.

But that is only a mask she wears in front of everybody.

Although she is born to a wealthy family, she is an illegitimate child and her grandmother looks at her in scorn, so she has created that perfect character so she would not be completely emotionally attached to people to only have them betray her feelings. However, four years before the start of the story, Shou’s father was hired to be her bodyguard and the days he spent with her made her open up a bit, but unfortunately, he was shot in front of her in her own garden bed…traumatizing her and making her once again create a mask to wear in front of everyone…

That mask can really hide her true character. It was a good shock seeing cast it off for a second when she told Shou to fuck the hell off! Not her exact words, but she might as well has said that with that attitude! lol

So she’s really a mean rude girl who doesn’t like taking shit from anyone, but she has to hold all that back an act perfect in front of everybody. She may say she hates Shou being around her and always talking to her, but showing your true character to this one single person (and usually are alone) means she deems him worthy of seeing the true side of her…thus love interest.

I say this route was a let down because I feel like it ended abruptly. After Mayuri finally approves of Shou and admits she loves him (and after they sex it up) the route ends. That’s it…after the scene with the flowerbed, it just ends. I wanted to see how (or if) Shou would get grandmother to approve, if grandmother will see Mayuri in a different light, or if Mayuri would show her true character to the rest of the cast…but no, the credits just roll up. Heh…

With no weird plot twist or an epilogue…I feel like I didn’t get the full route… D:

Anyways, that’s three routes down and I dunno how many to go. Two more? Yui, Kururi? Probably more, but next route I’ll try will be Kururi.

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