Jewelpet Sunshine – Great Laughs!

Mmmm~ Frienship.

Oh man, I wonder how many guts I busted from all the laughter after watching ELEVEN consecutive episodes of Jewelpet Sunshine! Never would I thought this type of anime would be this hilariously entertaining. I thought it would be kiddy show about friendship and such, but it turned out being a comedy with slap stick humor. Cute furry things flying across the screen, into space/walls/etc, and crash landing back to the ground is just too damn funny.

Also, I expected it to at least have some sort of ‘moral of the story’ kind of thing…but even at the end of the fraud filled newspaper club and their fake stories, they didn’t even address that it is wrong and ended it with the club president laughing maniacally! lol

I’ve been waiting to see the final episode of Ano Hana, but the subbers I watch it from (UTW) haven’t released it yet, and to have time pass by faster I tried watching the first episode of Jewelpet Sunshine, and the rest is history. No regrets, had great laughs~!



3 thoughts on “Jewelpet Sunshine – Great Laughs!

  1. Great! It’s nice to find someone watching this anime.
    I love this series especially when they use dat aerosmith song, lol

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