Tiger & Bunny – Stupid Tiger!

Aww man, I’m completely disappointed in Tiger right now. He was the character I liked the most, yeah he is probably the most useless and joke character in the anime, but he stuck to his ideals of what a hero should be and managed to change the other heroes if only a bit.

But this time…he fucked up good. Barnaby was beginning to trust him as a partner and was the first time he asked him for his complete trust, but Tiger goes and screws it all up by not even believing in Barnaby and completely breaks Barnaby’s trust…and possibly their partnership.

Stupid Tiger…

2 thoughts on “Tiger & Bunny – Stupid Tiger!

  1. He’s going to keep on screwing up and screwing up, eventually leading to a huge fuck-up in the penultimate episode…
    …and solve everything in the last one.

    Trust me?

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