Flyable Heart – Minase Sakurako

Completed a second route to Flyable Heart, this time following Sakurako’s story. Sakurako is the gentle and sickly type of character who is also a bit of an airhead. I wasn’t really aiming for her but things just led that way. I follow the story without reloading and choosing a different option should I not go where I want. More fun that way I think. This time it led me to Sakurako’s story, which I thought would end the same way like Amane’s, going back in time and redoing things.

Luckily that didn’t happen.

It was a bit more weird though. Apparently, everything was Katsuragi Shou’s dream. I think the dream started when Shou wakes up after being blow up by the fireworks in the very beginning then meets Sakurako after being brought into the Academy. The weird thing is Sakurako apparently wasn’t even a student of the Academy as she was always in the hospital since she was a child. So does that mean all the scenes with Sakurako in the picture where the dream of both Shou and Sakurako?

Shou woke up one day and realized Sakurako was nowhere to be seen and that nobody even remembers her.

I’m still tripping on this. lol

Anyways, now that they’re both on the real world, I’m not even sure anymore, they talk about their dreams and how they both have had been dreaming the same thing. And since they fell in love in the dream, those feeling don’t stay there and come into the real world.

It was all good and romantic, but didn’t have enough drama, so the story raised a few death flags here and there. Or maybe I was just making them death flags. I was hoping, really hoping, Sakurako wouldn’t die because if she did, I might see that ridiculous and retarded time travel again. I was bracing myself but that didn’t happen, thankfully! lol

Sadly though, there was a death…Shou’s father died in an accident. D:

That was pretty sad, and all this happened while Sakurako was taking a very serious heart surgery (transplant). She came out fine…again, I was really hoping she wouldn’t die. So the ending was very bittersweet. It ends with Shou’s head on Sakurako’s lap as he lets it all out. (The epilogue has them in a better sweeter mood in front of the Katsuragi Family Grave.)

It was a nice story. A bit weird with that whole dream deal, but definitely better than going back in time. lol

Also, what I love about Sakrako’s route was something totally unrelated to her. SUMOMO AND NADESHIKO FROM NANATSU-IRO DROPS MAKE A GUEST APPEARANCE!!!!!!!!!!!!

Woah man that was completely unexpected! And more unexpected was Yaeno Kei, the cool respectable student council vice president and older brother of Nadeshiko, IS A TOTAL SISCON!!! What’s more, he gets nosebleeds due to her being so kind to him! lolol

Good times.

Next up I guess I’ll try to go into Mayuri’s story. Seems she has a past with Shou’s father, which caught my interest.

3 thoughts on “Flyable Heart – Minase Sakurako

  1. Oh wow, LOOKS EXCITING, and I can’t believe they put Nadeshiko and Sumomo there :D

    Did you buy the game with English translation or did you get the game online and got the English patches for it?
    If you did please get me a link :)

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