Moshidora – Bittersweet

Awww~ ;_;

God I loved the ending to this anime, it was so touching. I knew Yuki wouldn’t be able to see the baseball team go to Koushien, but I didn’t want to assume the worst so simply thought she would be in critical condition or go into a state of comma…but the worst did happen. She died. D:

Gah you stupid anime why you killing my favorite characters!? Sayaka now Yuki D:

The ending was really well done, Minami returned to support the team, she experienced the same feelings Yuki had for baseball, and the team made it to Koushien. I have to give a bit of credit to Yunosuke, he was the one who caused the most errors, but he pulled a fast one on us and did the same thing Minami did when she was younger.

What I liked the most was the ending song playing through all of it, that song took a whole new meaning after episode 09, when Yuki died, and hearing it play though all of it was that extra touch needed to make me love it completely.

One thought on “Moshidora – Bittersweet

  1. Really great. I’m glad I watched this show. They did a good job of creating several interesting and believable characters, and they had me on pins and needles at the end.

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